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Entry #7

Holy Funky Monkey!

2008-04-19 23:29:59 by pbjplatypus

Just checked: the newest version of Flash is 699!!! Oh my GOD! You have no idea of the... the... The alarm, the dread, the fright, the trepidation I have of this new development! This sucks! If I do want Flash, I'll have to get a job, because Lord knows my parents can't pay for that right now. I am, however, going to download the free trial version later in the week and see if A: I can save animations, and B:it has everything that I want on it. I already know how to animate to an extent.

Well, I'm going to bed with affright in my mind.

-- Kamonohashi

P.S. If you do have money to burn, please PM me and I'll take some of it off your hands for you. :D

P.P.S. Just kidding, I'm not going to beg for money. It's nice to have, but there are better things in the world. Like the things that you buy with money! (Good GRIEF, I am SUCH a MATERIALIST!)


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2008-04-21 15:42:03

Oh, wow. Mistake. It's supposed to be "$699" rather than "699".


2008-12-21 10:21:27

Hi again Do you remember me!

I changed my logo.


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