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I loved it!

The concept was fantastic, as was the Burning Gundam model. The animation was top-notch, and the city background was well done. I liked the beam from Barny's mouth, as well.

My only qualm was the (presumably soft-body?) animation of Barney. the control seemed weird, almost like a G-mod.

Over all, though, this was fantastic.

Uhm. . . Interesting.

I'll start by saying this much: I really liked the style. It was gritty and weird, though his left hand was a bit funky-looking. As for the content, however, I thought that your concept was okay, but the presentation was bad. I feel that the audio could have been improved upon, though I honestly wish I had an idea as to how.

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Emanhattan responds:

yeah the arms both look plain bad imo.

Honestly, it's stuck in my head now.

That was a very interesting collab idea. The concept was good. I'm sure that one could delve into the psychology of sound perception, but I have no such degree of psychological knowledge.

I thought that the sounds were somewhat annoying, though. Also, I'd have liked a more prominent transition between artists besides a style change.

However, great collab and I hope you do more. Sorry if this review seemed slightly non-linear; I'm very tired.

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Noodle responds:

Don't worry, I know what you mean't :)

I did think of having some sort of transition between artist, but I was worried that would annoy people too much

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I quite enjoyed the game! Though I've played others like it, it was rather good. Graphics are nice and cartoony, simplistic... And the controls and gameplay are fun. My biggest complaint, however, was the sheer amount of airplanes in the upper atmosphere. I ended up having multiple walls of airplanes that I couldn't maneuver around, forcing me to hit them and either lose momentum or start into a nosedive. I really, really wish there'd been some sort of inertial dampener upgrade, but alas. In any case, a fun game, and a great time waster.

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That was interesting! I loved the narrative of it, how it was one-sided. And because it was so controlling, I began to feel real animosity towards it. But then, at the end, I started to feel almost sympathetic... It was really different, and really good. My only qualm was the difficulty at some parts. Though, given the short length of the game, it made sense, if only to lengthen it.

Great game, good sir.

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This is a great game.

It really is fantastic. It's well-made and the physics is great. Its only flaw is that the difficulty is too high. The level that I particularly couldn't beat practically takes a degree in chaos theory particle physics to figure out.

Overall, it's a great game, but the learning curve is much too steep.

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I could see this being used as a sample for some pseudo-old-timey track. And I like it a lot. Makes me want to wag my finger.

This Rocks.

To elaborate, the song is absolutely addictive, with great, smooth vocals, fantastic harmonies, and lovely background. The whole sound of the song itself is very warm, which carries into my mind as being very relaxing.

I would love to have the lyrics of this song, if you could spare the time.

Very Nice

Good tune... Might use it on another coaster, you never know.

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You should name her "Hips."

Ah, alright, I'm kidding. Sort of. I dunno, I'm getting sort of a Naomi or Rebecca vibe off of her. Or you could give her a title: Guardian of Guardbreak, Or GoG.

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