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Holy Funky Monkey!

2008-04-19 23:29:59 by pbjplatypus

Just checked: the newest version of Flash is 699!!! Oh my GOD! You have no idea of the... the... The alarm, the dread, the fright, the trepidation I have of this new development! This sucks! If I do want Flash, I'll have to get a job, because Lord knows my parents can't pay for that right now. I am, however, going to download the free trial version later in the week and see if A: I can save animations, and B:it has everything that I want on it. I already know how to animate to an extent.

Well, I'm going to bed with affright in my mind.

-- Kamonohashi

P.S. If you do have money to burn, please PM me and I'll take some of it off your hands for you. :D

P.P.S. Just kidding, I'm not going to beg for money. It's nice to have, but there are better things in the world. Like the things that you buy with money! (Good GRIEF, I am SUCH a MATERIALIST!)

Hoo hah! Another Rant!

2008-04-08 00:22:00 by pbjplatypus

Hey, it's me again. For those of you who actually read this, I support you in all of your endeavors, unless they are stupid. Anyway, as of late, I have been posting on the forums and playing video games. Alas, I am still waiting to get Flash or a microphone. However, when I do get Flash, I will post a comic that I have longing to make into a Flash (originally, I turned it into a Windows Movie Maker stop-motion like film. It sucked until I put music to it. Then, it only kind of sucked. You can see it here.)

And, as for the song, I have no idea. I haven't contacted Ricky for almost two weeks now. However, I did write some new lyrics to a new song. I'm getting another friend of mine to write music for that one. He says it's going to be rock. Hard rock. Not that it really matters, though. I can pretty much listen to anything.

So, the other day (I think it was April First), I had a mental breakdown. It would be really hard to explain what happened in normal terms, because what happened wasn't normal. So, I give you: a slight showing of Multiple Personality Disorder! Seriously, what I'm going to type really happened in my mind.

So, that morning, Logic was pissed for some reason and told Creativity that Creativity wasn't needed any more. Creativity took this rather personally, being somewhat of a sensitive character. So, Creativity got all depressed and threatened to quit his job. (By the way, Creativity takes up about 80% of my current personality, so you can understand how hard this was for me.) Inner Child, being the caring (if not somewhat immature) person he is, tried to cheer Creativity up. This definitely did not help Creativity. So, being really fed up, Creativity quit. And I felt miserable. Noticing this, some friends of mine showed up to try and help me out of this depression. I explained to them what the situation was. It took them the whole of 45 minutes to get me out of the slump I was in. Eventually, Conscience convinced Creativity to come beck to his job. Now, I feel happy and normal (well, normal for me, that is. Normality is relative.).

I guess the "moral" of that story was that friends really can help when you're in a cruddy situation. I also told my mom that story. I think she wants to send me to a psycho ward now, but that's okay. She'll get over it.

So, I realize that that was a lot of text to take in there. Don't rush, you know? I barely update, so you just take your sweet time.

-- Kamonohashi

Have a nice day!

Song News

2008-03-25 15:05:51 by pbjplatypus

Okay, apparently, Ricky hasn't even recorded it yet. But, oh well. I never specified a time that I wanted it by, so he's doing things at his own pace. He has, however, written the music for it. Anyway, that's all, so, yeah. I'll update later.

-- Kamonohashi

About the Song

2008-03-24 01:38:19 by pbjplatypus

Well, at the very earliest, I'll have the song posted some time after 3 on Tuesday. At the very latest, I'll never have it posted at all. :(

Well, as you know, I wrote the lyrics. Rick wrote the music, recorded it, and sang it (we both have relatively good voices, he just happened to have the microphone.)

I have no idea if Rick wants it posted; I'll confront him about it on the bus on Tuesday (seeing that we have Monday off). He might have already put it on a CD already and is going to give it to me. Unfortunately, I can't get in contact with him because I don't have his number / e-mail / any form of communication. Heck, I don't even know where he lives. Whatever.

Anyway, I shall have a new post on Tuesday that will keep you informed on the whereabouts of t3|-| s0|\|g. See you then!

-- Kamonohashi

Song Maybe?

2008-03-19 21:45:00 by pbjplatypus

Well, I have written the lyrics to a song and a friend of mine is composing some music to it. If I can find some audio stuff, I might submit it.
I'll have to find a mic and some free audio software...

If you can tell, I'm quite short on cash and I can't borrow anything from anyone b/c I cannot keep promises.

-- Kamonohashi


2008-03-16 22:30:58 by pbjplatypus


Really wishing I had Flash right now, not gonna lie.

Anyway, I'm pretty much bored to tears. ...Or maybe that's the onion that I just chopped... Whatever. So, I'd like to know how you are. Yes, I am asking about you. You, the viewer. You, the creator. You, the [insert funny title here].

As you might be able to tell, I am really bored right now. And kind of tired. I mean, it's 10:12 PM. Wouldn't you be tired, too? I really should be getting to bed because I have to get up for school at 6:00 AM. Blech.

So guess what? I'm creating (or attempting to create) a new comic book series! (Yay, happies, joy.) If I had Flash, than, yes, I would animate it. However, seeing that I don't have Flash, drawing is my only outlet for creativity (besides writing books... But I suck at the whole "detailing things" process and that's kind of needed in a book). I have written a book, though. And, if I had Flash, than of course I would animate it! (Really, a synopsis of that paragraph was to give me money so that I can buy flash and you can be entertained.)

Good gosh, this post is really long! And, speaking of posts, did you know that scratching posts make really good weapons?

Of course, they don't have scratching posts in SSBB, which is a seriously fun game that, if you don't already own it, than get right this very instant.

Then again, I've heard lots of good things about Portal. I've heard that it's so good that you should send parts of your physical body to Valve as thanks and praise. ... I don't think that they would appriciate having dead flesh around the office, but hey, it's your flesh, not mine.

Speaking of Portal, I have been begging my parents to get the orange box for me. They say, "No, it will corrupt the mind of your five-year old sister!" And yet, I tell them, 'But... There's not THAT much blood...!"

And yet, they still seem to think that it's deep fried death on a stick with whipped topping that, when touched, creates a super-massive black hole that sucks up the universe.

Ooh, hey! 30,740 characters remaining!

Well, that's my thought process from Flash to characters.

May the Force be with you!!!


Oh, hey! GIR!



2007-10-21 21:40:45 by pbjplatypus

Augh!!! I don't know how anything works around here!!!